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My Very First InstaFriday!

My late Christmas present has arrived: a white iPhone 4S. I AM OBSESSED. I was one of those people who constantly checked the Droid App Store to see if there was a bobo Instagram App yet, so yes, in case you were wondering, I will be extremely obnoxious about taking Instagram photos from now on. On that note, today is my very first... INSTAFRIDAY!! Without further ado, I give you random pix I took with my iPhone between now and yesterday when my phone got the hook up:

I'm still getting the hang of it, but here's what I know: I really like to take pictures of my dog. I got my nails and toes did tonight for NYE tomorrow (EEEK!) so obviously I took photos & that one on the bottom right was me after running two miles (without stopping) in my Vibrams. My knee is still intact and I am officially stoked about it.

In honor of the new year vastly approaching, I thought I'd share a little somethin', somethin' from Old Year's Eve.

I made these bad boys from scratch (the icing too) back when 'baking from scratch' was a foreign term to me. It's true, despite my current domestic goddess status (baha) one year ago I thought I hated cooking. Also, these were chock-full of butter, sugar, milk, more sugar and a side of dairy (aka delicious). They were diminished in a matter of 5, 4, 3, 2, Yum (See what I did there?).

I haven't decided if I will be supplying more delicious treats this year or not, but I do know they won't (or a least a few won't) contain lactose-sugar bombs.

What are you guys bringing to your New Year's Eve parties this year?
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  1. My first insta post too! I got the black one two days ago!!! Do you love it? I'm on the fence and at times miss my Driod x...

  2. So much to learn. So few brain cells Happy New Year. shrimp salsa for NYE treat

  3. cute pics love the one of the dog he looks to be smiling!!super cute post!!

  4. I didn't know there was such a thing as Insta-Friday! I could get used to that. How do I find you on instagram?


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