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Modified Huevos Rancheros

Several days ago while I was reading all my favorite blogs, I came across a sweet potato skillet recipe from Eat, Live, Run that looked SO good that I had to make it immediately. I didn't even think I was that hungry until I laid my eyes on this feast. I knew I would love it, and I found red potatoes (instead of sweet potatoes) in my kitchen, so I got to work.

It took a really long time to get these potatoes to the right mushy consistency, so if you try this with red potatoes I suggest being patient or turning the heat way up for a little while (the original recipe calls for only 20 minutes of simmering). The coolest part of this process was that I learned something new. I know I may seem like a domestic goddess (insert scoff here) but the truth is I just started cooking semi-regularly this past summer (when I no longer had classes to go to). Basically I had no idea what a broiler was and I thought we didn't have one, so I was pretty concerned that I was going to have to dirty another pan just to fry the eggs.
Turns out the oven works as a broiler too (hand meet forehead). Good to know. So after cracking the eggs on top of my tater concoction, I stuck it in the 'broiler' (aka oven after pressing the broil button..) for 3 minutes and they were perfectly fried!

I seriously think this was one of my best cooking products ever. I totally loved it and it was very filling. I ate it for breakfast and lunch for about two days afterward. Thank you Eat, Live, Run for providing me with my new favorite breakfast/lunch/dinner.

As far as working out goes, I have totally been avoiding the gym. I don't know what my deal is. So instead I have been walking on my parents' treadmill barefoot a lot, which was doctor recommended. My first ever book bought for my Kindle (Austin bought it because he said giving a Kindle without a book is like giving a wallet without money, which I also didn't realize was unacceptable, but I'm not complaining!) was "Born To Run" and I'm really hoping it will help me understand my running injuries, but if not it's still super interesting so far. Plus I feel super cool reading anything on my kindle. I can turn the page and hold it with one hand. How cool?!

Also, I've come to the realization that Just Dance for Wii is onehellofa workout. I did the "Just Sweat" version yesterday for about 35 minutes and I was dripping with sweat. Way more fun than going to gym, if you ask me. Hopefully I will start hitting the gym more too, but for now Just Dance I will (I said that in a Yoda voice, but you don't have to..)!

Song of the day by Guster!

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