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Friday's Letters Part II

Dear Boyfriend, Thank you so much for my Christmas Kindle, delicious-smelling candles and for making the coolest Christmas tree I've ever seen with me. I am going to miss you while you're off making snow angels in Ohio without me, but I'll be turning the thermostat down to 60 and pretending like it's cold here in Florida too.
Like the ornament I made you above says, love you! - Bay

Dear Betty (The Trailblazer), I realize you are a sensitive woman car in need of tender love and care, but your blatant disregard of how much gas is in my gas tank has been a pain in my butt for quite some time now and today this game ends. You are one expensive broad. Now, if you'd kindly allow the cd player to work again (without making me sell my organs on the black market) I'd greatly appreciate it. - Kens

Dear Eggnog Cookies, You are delicious. I already ate three of you. Woops. - Big Mack
Dear Blog Readers, Don't worry. I will teach you how to make them too. - MacKensie
Dear Ziggy, I know you're bored when I sit around blogging and what not, but that is no reason to chew up my favorite tassel-y winter hat! Rude! - Yo Mama

Dear Big Sis (Brit), I like crafting with you and all, but you don't have to be so much better at making ornaments than I am. Stop being so artsy. - MacKie
Dear Gym, I have been neglecting you. My bad. I need you more now than ever (see Eggnog cookies letter). - Big Mack

Dear Left Knee, You still suck. It's time to run. - Kens

Dear Music, Seriously, where would I be without you? Probably in a ditch somewhere eating worms. -Mack

Dear Short Hair, I'm sorry that I consistently try to spike you into a mohawk every time I take a bath or shower. Maybe if you would just cooperate for once, I wouldn't keep trying. No, I take that back, I'd probably just do it more. - MacKensie



  1. I missed that letter to the gym - I have been on a serious hiatus. I totally need to stop that. New year?

  2. Dear Friday, thanks for leaving me alive and kicking. Bruised and shaken but ready to fight another day. Love Friday letters keep em coming

  3. I think my gym misses me to. We should both go show them some love :)

  4. I loved looking at all your ornaments as I scrolled down! And I will be waiting for the Eggnog cookie recipe! Yum! Now following! :)


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