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Scrap Life Part II: A 10-year-old Scrapper

"Fall Poem"
by MacKensie Gibson, age 10

The beautiful colors of fall, red, yellow, orange and brown,
bring joy to male and female large and small
The light crisp breezes blow children's hair
Who yearn to see the day when their relatives will be there
Soon it will be Halloween
When the children dress up in costumes so they can be seen
They ask for candy by repeating the words "Trick or treat"
Until someone gives them something good to eat
When the tricks and treats are over with,
The children go home and ask their parents if their treats are OK to eat.
When the approval is over, they eat what they think might be nice,
But won't cost twice the price
After they have had their fill, they play games like tag, hide-n-seek,
dodgeball, bob for apples and more.
When the exciting day of October 31st has past,
the children don't gloom or pout,
they look forward to the rest of fall without a doubt.

I started this scrapbook in fifth grade when I took awkward class photos like the one above, complete with big, wirey braces, played soccer for the Hurricanes, stayed up all night for the new Harry Potter book in Marathon Key, wrote poems with words like "dodgeball" in them and made pumpkin costumes for my bird named Furby. 

It was the year I went to Washington D.C., started my very first journal (shown above) - I'm on my fourth one now and was completely obsessed with the Powerpuff girls.

It was also the year my first nephew was born. Isn't he adorable?

And I dressed up a lot (But what else is new, right?)

I spent a lot of time in Cedar Key (wore really stylish headwear and socks), earned lots of Girl Scout badges and got a wonderful baby dog I named Merlin (he went to doggy heaven about four years ago, but we'll discuss how awesome he was at a later date).

I starred in "Annie" and eventually I graduated from middle school (wearing converses, plaid and lots of Avril-inspired ties).

...and wrote another poem.

**I'm the little baby throwin' up a peace sign - I've always been a dirty hippie at heart


  1. This is my favorite part of your poem:

    "The children go home and ask their parents if their treats are OK to eat.
    When the approval is over, they eat what they think might be nice"

    I lol'd at this.

  2. hahaha I'm glad you can appreciate my eloquent 10-year-old poetic self.

  3. MacKensie, I think you have stumbled onto someting amazing through this blog process. Go! Go! Go! :) Bran

  4. Thanks Bran. It's so much fun. Thanks for reading. Love you!

  5. this was so absorbing it took me exactly to the place you were at this age. wow!!!

  6. It feels like it was just yesterday, mom!!

  7. Oh. My. Goodness.

    1) These scrap book pages are amazing. I love all the old school stickers. 90s childhood for the win!
    2) I am so honored to share a page with blue-lipped MacKensie
    3) I NEED a copy of that photo!!! You need to scan it and post it on Facebook or email it to me because we are tiny, adorable and look like total besties. Yay.

  8. I found a BUNCH more in my mom's photo album so I will definitely scan & tag you asap!! Winnie the pooh stickers = the best stickers. :)


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