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As I've mentioned before, I have Patellar Tendinitis in my left knee from running, and after my half marathon the doc said to spend the next 6 weeks resting. It may sound weird, but a month and a half of no running is honestly a huge bummer. One of the main things I need to do in order to get better is to become more flexible. I used to be a dancer and do splits like it was no one's business, but these days I reach for my toes in a way I imagine is comparable to a 5'4" football player. I learned lots of stretches and strength building exercises through physical therapy, but I've come to realize I really dislike doing cardio at the gym if it's not on a treadmill. The thought of spending 30 to 60 minutes on the elliptical machine is enough to make me not even want to put on my work out clothes. 

It's a problem.

I have always been intrigued by the thought of yoga, but I always get discouraged by how slow-paced it is. It seems like I could be getting a much better work out by running during that hour instead of stretching, balancing, om-ing. Since I don't have that option lately, I've decided to give it a try.

I would love to be in an in-person yoga class on the regular - I tend to do much better when I have a schedule to keep me in line, but they also cost some serious mula which I am definitely short on these days. I came across the website on a blog I like to read, and I am obsessed.

They have all different types of yoga for beginners to advanced yoga-ers and the best part is each class only costs about $2. I have done three different ones now, and I have really enjoyed streaming the videos from my computer (connected to the tv via HDMI cord) in an empty, peaceful house with the lights dimmed. It's super easy to follow along, even though I have no idea what I'm doing, and for those with more experience, there are even cheaper audio-only sessions. 

There's even a Halloween discount going on right now - just type in "Spooked" at check out between now and Halloween to get 30% off your purchase! You can opt to stream your video once, or for about $4 to $6 (depending on length) you can download it and watch it over and over again.

So lately I have been skipping the gym and workin' on my fitness flexibility in the living room and I'm really, really hoping that these sessions will help my knee recover quickly. If not, however, it is definitely doing something awesome for my shoulders. Chaturanga, you are one powerful move that's ridiculously fun to say.


PS: I am going to be participating in the Halloween weekend blog hop hosted by Casey Wiegand, Much Love ILLY, Changing Lanes and Boho Baby Bump. Check out the badge at the bottom of this post to check it out!


  1. i hear ya with the knee problems, i'm stopping by from follower fest and would love for you to stop by and check out the huge giveaway going on at my place- xoxo nicole

  2. girrrl i completely understand. I havent ran since my half marathon in knee is ruined...its SO hard!

  3. Oh my gosh, I cannot imagine. I'm so sorry about your knee! Are you expecting recovery any time soon? I hope it doesn't take me that long! Thanks for reading, Ashley!

  4. Man, I wish I could run. Now show me a good looking ice cream cone, and I can walk pretty fast to get to it...but running? Not so much ;)

    Thanks for stopping by during the Followers Fest! Hope your recovery goes well :)

  5. Dound you on FF and can I just say you have the most BEAUTIFUL hair. Totally jealous :-)

  6. it will get better, keep doing what you are doing and let time heal.

  7. Thanks so much 5ohWifey! I have been following your blog for a couple weeks, I love it!! :)


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