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I wanna be the one to put it in a song..

Cecelia, Barbara Ann, Amanda, Roxanne, Prudence, Maggie..

All names of women featured in amazing songs. Unfortunately "MacKensie" doesn't creep into love songs all that often... So I have decided that being a serial killer in "Mack the Knife" is better than wearing silver buttons all down my back, back, back.

I'm a journalism student at the University of Florida with a ridiculous obsession with music. I've been told I know the words to every song (don't be fooled, I make them up when I don't) and I am sure to have at least one favorite song from every genre. In this blog I will describe my passion for music by rambling on about the good, bad, new, old and every concert I lose my voice at--Two weeks ago I saw Rooney in Gainesville.. I totally screamed like a 12-year-old AND my friend caught both of the guitar picks tossed into the crowd. The other chicks were so pissed.

"Cigarettes are raining hard on the Upper East Side. She brings me a cake, we celebrate, I have arrived. And I know that it's been said before, but you're my human holiday. I put my hands on the table and dare say the love of my life."- Fun.


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