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I can feel it calling in the air tonight..

Turns out the Zac Brown Band won't be at the DMB concert. Bummer, but Gov't Mule is opening for them and I've heard lots of good things. Definitely stoked.

So I'm a big movie fan, and I've noticed that a lot of big movies lately haven't had all that great of soundtracks. It's such a shame, I think, since good music automatically makes me like a movie at least 10% more. I mean, how many Linkin Park songs can you fit in one movie, Transformers? The only thing worse than a bad soundtrack, however, is an amazing one that doesn't include any of the songs from it on the CD...

Here's my list of top 10 movie soundtracks- in no particular order:

1. Garden State (Zac Braff is amazing)
2. Whip It
3. Clueless (Who doesn't love "Rollin' With The Homies?")
4. The Hangover (Great party music)
5. The Rocky Horror Picture Show (Meatloaf? Yes, please!)
6. Sixteen Candles (OK, maybe I just love "If You Were Here"..a lot.)
7. O Brother, Where Art Tho?
8. High Fidelity (Jack Black even sings "Let's Get It On" at the end!)
9. Grease (And Grease II, but apparently no one else liked it except me & my sister. "Cool Rider" was one of my FAVORITE songs back in the day!)
10. The Graduate (Thank you, Simon & Garfunkel!)

..And as a former ultra Spice Girls fan, I feel the need to share the rumor going around that got me all excited. Supposedly there is a Spice Girls musical coming out, Mamma Mia-style.. Until it's confirmed, here's to wishful thinking! :)

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