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The Rainbow Farm

Some people get into Animal Crossing during quarantine, we decided to start a real life Rainbow Farm instead. 

Everyone, please meet the newest babies in our family: our three-month-old puppy, Leon (short for Leonidas).
Leon is the friendliest, floppiest, sweetest little baby lion with the sharpest teeth. He loves water and sitting in the fridge more than any creature I've ever met. He already weighed 21 lbs when we adopted him a few weeks ago, so I'm pretty sure he's weighing in at around 30 lbs now. We are absolutely obsessed with every little thing he does, and I even started TikTok-ing because now I have endless material (follow me @mackensierainbow if you want puppy content).
And these are our three one-week-old chicks, Nugget, Gee, and Biv (if we get another, she'll be Roy, duh).
Jason has wanted chickens for as long as I've known him, and after spending time with my mom's hens he was even more excited. So for his birthday I took him to Rural King (yep, we in the south now) to pick out some babies. We have about six weeks before we need to move them to a coop, so for now we're just keeping them under a lamp and far away from the dogs.

Besides taking in allll the cute animals, we've been cleaning, painting, putting furniture together and literally nesting in this house. Many people have asked if we're homeowners now, and the answer is no, but we are renting this house from my sister who owns it, so we don't feel like the work we put into it will be a waste. I'm excited to show before and afters once we slowly but surely get this place filled out. 

Now that it's furnished enough for everyday living, however, I guess we need to get on the wedding planning train. We are six months out from our wedding date, and while I've been avoiding it because I'm afraid we'll have to postpone, we gotta be ready for anything (we haven't even seen our venue IRL yet). This isn't exactly the way I imagined our wedding planning season to go, but just trying to take it a day at a time and remember how lucky we are to be near family and have each other at this scary ass time. 

I hope you're all going easy on yourselves, staying safe, and focusing on the good.

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