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Looks Like We Made It

You guys, that was some kind of adventure.

We started driving to Florida about two minutes before the Shelter In Place order came through for the Bay Area. So not only did we pack our lives into my car while it was pouring rain (for the first time in months), but a house nearby also caught fire, so driving out of Oakland in a pandemic that day truly felt like the apocalypse.


But we’re here! We went through several bottles of hand sanitizer and drove about 12 hours a day (even our meals were eaten inside the car) so we got a nice jumpstart on our Quarantine 15. I know you’re jeally #weddingbods

 But seriously, with all the terrible news and anxiety-ridden everything, I’m trying to focus on the good, the gratitude, the goofy. Like, the fact that we made it to Florida safely and healthily, our kombucha SCOBY is happy in its own cupboard, the bizarre spider plant pictured above only lost a few limbs on the journey, I got my hair cut right before we started driving, and I finally got to watch Frozen 2 last night (so good).

 I’m incredibly relieved to be reunited with my family even if I can’t hug them. I had no idea COVID-19 would have this kind of impact, and I’m v v grateful that we got here just in time.

My people are being cautious, staying home, and staying healthy even though it's REALLY hard, and I really hope you all are too.

 What are you feeling grateful for lately?

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