If you follow me on social, you probably already know, but... I'M ENGAGED!!!!!

You guys, I have been dreaming of writing a post like this since I first started blogging (aka when my friends first started getting married ha), and I dreamt of how it would happen for far longer than that, so here we are. A post that's about 30 years in the making. I CANNOT BELIEVE THIS IS REAL. 

Here's how it happened:

J and I flew into Florida late the Friday before Christmas, so I spent the next couple of days watching Christmas movies, decorating gingerbread cookies, and introducing him to ALL my childhood friends. Since we'd been full-on with the fam for a few days, I was only a *little* suspicious when my sister said she wanted us to have a sister date to get our nails done, but I didn't want to get my hopes up so I kept my mouth shut. Jason stayed back to "get work done," so I was slightly confused to return to him and my dad drinking the good whiskey and bonding on the couch. It all seems very obvious that he was using this time to ask permission now, but at the time I was just like, "Okay, help me make dinner now."

The next day was the 24th, and we take Christmas activities very seriously in my family, so after watching "The Snowman" (introduced by David Bowie) and convincing my mom to read "The Best Christmas Pageant Ever" out loud to all of us, we started making our traditional Christmas Eve meal: spamburgers. Yes, you read that correctly. They're delicious, trust. So naturally you can't make spamburgers on Christmas Eve without wine, so I went to get the large bottle of rosé (like 2 liters large) out of the fridge and somehow managed to drop it directly on top of my foot, splattering pink liquid, blood, and shattered glass all over the kitchen. Classic.

I learned later that this is when J started panicking and coming up with Plan B, but at the time I was just hoping I didn't ruin Christmas, so I got bandaged up, changed out of my blood-soaked pants, and carried on with the games Britni planned for the evening (note: it hurt like a mofo). First up was trivia, then charades, and then caroling in the back of my dad's truck. Brit had been planning all this for weeks, so at this point I was not the least bit suspicious. I was just hobbling around with an ice pack on my foot and singing Christmas carols at the top of my lungs. After Brandy crushed us all in trivia, we headed to the living room for charades.

Right away my mom started recording everyone's performance, so I wasn't weirded out when, several rounds in, it was Jason's turn and there were three cameras recording him all at once. I was just tipsy enough to only be concerned with guessing the answers correctly. I should've noticed he was staring directly at me as he mimed out the following:

*J starts making hand signals*

Me: "...Four words!" "First word... One syllable.. Sounds like... stab? Kill? KILL!" "...Still? Will? WILL!"

"Fourth word!" 

*J points to himself*

"Me? ME!" 

"Second word!"

*J points to me*


*thinking to self: what Christmas movie is will you something me? Strange*

"Third word!" 

*J gestures for me to come up to join him*

"Is this allowed?"

*I hesitantly join him on "stage"*

*J mimes putting a ring on my finger*

*thinking to self: WHAT IS HAPPENING*



Grandma: "WILL YOU MARRY ME!!!!"

*thinking to myself: there's no movie called will you marry me.......*

Me: "...will you...marry me..?"

Jason: "Yes."

*J gets down on one knee and says sweet things*

My nephew: YAY! UNCLE JASON!!!!

I black out and ugly cry and say yes a million times and admire this gorgeous ring and drink champagne and cry some more. 

Later on we realized we had no idea what the slip of paper J picked out actually said because of course he didn't read it. Some of the prompts were "Die Hard," "three wise men," and "snowman," so we were excited to find out he picked "Mrs. Claus," the ONLY one that was even remotely related to marriage. Meant. To. Be. 

I'm so glad my family was there. I'm so glad he picked me. I'm so glad he's excellent at picking out jewelry (we did not look at rings together!!). 

And I'm so glad I get to be a RAINBOW. 

I love you so much, Jason.

This was truly the best Christmas ever.

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