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#OTNTravels First Half of 2019

FRIENDS! We're already halfway through 2019, and I'm less than a month from turning 30! Both of these facts are blowing my damn mind. Y'all don't even know how many blog posts I've started and not finished in the past six months (and beyond). There are so many NOT fun things that have happened and topics that I want to cover eventually, but right now I think the easiest (and most fun) thing to do is recap the #OTNTravels I've done so far. So let's just take a little trip down memory lane (since we all know I don't blog in real time anymore). 
After spending Christmas in Florida, I drove up near Tahoe to spend New Year's Eve in a friend's cabin with a whole crew of amazing people. We hiked, told ghost stories, took turns cooking (when no open restaurants were to be found), wore capes, and counted down to 2019 under the stars. It was magical.
My friend was about to move to Austin, TX and since she's already made the CA-to-TX drive several times, I volunteered to drive her car across the country for her because road trips are kind of my thing. Jason (oh hey, that's my boyfriend ICYMI) and I used it as an opportunity to drive through all our dream destinations. We went from Joshua Tree, CA to Arizona to New Mexico to Texas to Louisiana where we met up with my family. This road trip deserves its own post, but unclear whether that will ever happen, so here's a one-second-at-a-time video of the trip from start to finish (not shown, but it started with a flat tire and several dead car batteries)

One of my best (and most extra) friends from work turned 30 and consequently rented a MANSION in Palm Springs for his birthday. It was one of the most amazing, craziest, drag queeniest weekends of my life. I loved every minute of it. 

Jason's birthday was in April and to celebrate we went camping in Yosemite where the rainbows were OUT OF CONTROL (and his last name just so happens to be Rainbow, so you can imagine how much fun I had writing Instagram captions). We ate s'mores, took Ziggy on trails she wasn't supposed to be on, prayed we wouldn't be eaten by wild animals in the middle of the night, and practically swam through rainbows on every hike. 

My roommate, boo, and I all bought Cellar Passes where you get free tastings at select wineries all over Napa for six months. There were about 30 different wineries to choose from, and since Elizabeth is practically a sommelier, she organized an itinerary for us approximately once a month. It was SUCH a win. We probably got about 10x our money's worth with all our fancy AF trips. I highly recommend the wine passport for anyone who's local (or even if you're just visiting and plan on doing more than three tastings).
For Memorial Day I flew to Florida to spend the long weekend in St. Augustine with my sister and her friends. We played in the (WARM!) ocean, did late-night-drunken yoga, found alligators, explored historic downtown St. Augustine, and even hung out in Silver Springs with my parents. It was so much fun, but I honestly cried on the plane ride home because the trip was too short and I miss those crazies ALL THE TIME. 

I finally stayed put in June (and focused on working out every single day), and I just got back from Maryland for my little's bachelorette party (we captured so much epic content that I'd like to dedicate a whole post to it. Hold me to it?) But I'm happy to report that the second half of 2019 is going to include international trips(!!!) and some of my favorite people in the world's weddings. The best is yet to come.

Where have you travelled to so far in 2019? 

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