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Fun things!

Wow, so that last post was a bit a downer, am I right? Let's talk about some fun things today! It's my birthweek and I'm going camping/tubing down the river this weekend to celebrate. I'm SO excited to spend time outdoors, in the water, and without screens. But if you're looking for some entertainment, here are some of the things I've been buying, listening to, watching, reading, etc. 

  • Over 80 amazing artists, one incredible coloring book, all because Families Belong Together 
  • This man INVENTED a surgery that cured his chronic illness.
  • New-agey, funny, raunchy, sometimes totally over the top, but I can't get enough of this podcast (I'm even weirdly into most of the sponsor plugs).
  • And speaking of podcasts, this story about cases that have been turned around through the power of crowd-sourcing was fascinating to me (I was a late-convert to Serial, but I'm veryyyy invested now).
  • I'm obsessed with Lizzo and Tiny Desk Concerts, so this is perfection.
  • The other day we bought lactose-free vanilla ice cream and fancy root beer. When was the last time YOU had a root beer float just for funsies? Now I just need these for next time.
  • I bought this five-minute journal a while back, but I think it's time to make it a habit .
  • Just started using Rent The Runway because #weddingszn but I'm loving it so far! 
  • If you haven't been following along with the Gloria Sparks music videos by The Lumineers, you're missing out. It's not cheerful, but I think they're some of the most innovative music videos out there right now (ICYMI I'm 100% obsessed with the ways their last album's music videos overlapped with each other too) 
  • Congrats to Lil Nas! This makes me so happy.
  • Just finished the newest season of Stranger Things(!!!) after rewatching the first two seasons for J's benefit, but it was helpful to remember what all went down. So if you haven't stolen someone else's Netflix login yet, what are you waiting for?
  • And on the Amazon Prime front, FLEABAG! Gah. I've cried in almost every episode (you probably won't, I cry a lot), but it's hilarious and heart breaking and I only just finished season one. Excited to start season 2. 
  • Then just to round it out on the HBO side of things: who else finished Big Little Lies Season 2 already? Let's discuss. Finally, if you don't watch Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, you're doing life wrong (he plays Zazu's voice in the new Lion King and crushes it). 
  • This incredible lady draws oh-so-relatable-emotional illustrations and this guy makes music, is hilarious, and just finished 500 drawings in 500 days.
  • I was recently gifted this crazy (dirty-looking) facial tool at work and I'm VERY excited to try it out.
  • I'm currently reading Educated by Tara Westover. I'm so intrigued and infuriated at the same time. 
  • OBSESSED with this sunscreen (and I attended a talk with the founder a few weeks ago—she's making sure elementary school classrooms are stocked with Supergoop SPF to keep kiddos' skin safe at recess, aka I love the entire brand).
  • Favorite purchase for summer so far.
What fun things have you been enjoying lately? 

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