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All About that Balance

You know how at the beginning of the year everyone's all pumped up about fitness and the gym is new form of crowded AF torture? Well, normally I hop right on that train because I love any excuse to ramp up my fitness anyway, but this year I started 2018 with one of the worst plagues I've had in years. It took me out for about three weeks, like, I missed several days of work because my coworkers (rightfully) gave me death stares when I came in coughing all over their desks. I don't do well with being stuck indoors without the option of getting in more than 100 steps, so my year got off to a bit of a rough start. My weak immune system miiiight have coincided with traveling to FL for Christmas and NYC for new year's where I barely slept and drank a bit more than the doc would recommend (AKA that phenomenon where I get sick every single time I travel).
When I finally got healthy again, I was invigorated and oh so grateful. I am fully committed to getting my money's worth out of my *expensive* gym membership (even if that means slathering myself in a gallon of Kiehl's products after every workout). I've been in it for the past few weeks and it feels GOOD, but I always struggle with being social AND healthy. When I'm kickin' it healthy-style, I avoid making weekday plans because friends usually mean staying up late, drinking, eating junk, and missing morning workouts as a result (and don't even get me started on dating...). I really enjoy evening workouts, but with my lengthy commute, that leaves me starving and not wanting to cook healthy dinners by the time I get home (ramen noodles again? Why not?). It's a conundrum, but balance is everything
Lately it's been about getting a good mix into each week. I'll make plans for happy hour or a concert one night, and I'll be sure to go to bed extra early the night before so my workout will be done by 7am. The next day I'll try for an evening workout and if I need a break, a break I'll get. The best evenings are when I can convince a friend or two to do a workout with me and we go grab sweaty drinks together afterward.
For me, weekends are sacred. They're all about enjoying not being inside, so I don't make myself run on a treadmill, do a spin class or eat kale. Instead I'll take Ziggy for a run and stop to grab lunch halfway through, do a yoga class before binging on brunch, or, like this past weekend, go on an epic hike with my girls in Tahoe and simply bring the bevvies along for the ride (hey, the extra lbs in the backpack = weight training). 
I've done enough cleanses and gone on enough party tears that I know the pendulum doesn't swing to one side for too long before launching back to the other side. Striking a balance is my way of getting ahead of it. I've never been one to turn down a good time, but who says you can't be healthy AND fun? CHEERS to balance, my friends.
How are you reaching your fitness AND good time goals? Am I the only one who struggles with this?
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