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Day Drinking for America

Happy Independence Day!
When I first started working in a big Silicon Valley office with a latte machine and beers on tap, I was terrified. Of course I was stoked to be there (and working with bloggers no less), but every time I’d have to go to the bathroom or kitchen, I’d get a jolt of anxiety. Not only did I not know anyone’s names, but I was actually scared that I would get lost and be wandering around the office like an idiot.
Luckily it was only a few weeks before Devyn started working there and sat at the desk right next to mine. She immediately became my extroverted counterpart, my number one confidante and the easiest way to connect with people since she can literally talk to anyone. She quickly transformed from my work BFF to one of my best friends IRL too. We spent about a year sitting next to each other, constantly typing to each other on Skype and taking our time together for granted. 
I was so bummed when I had to switch teams and move desks, but at least I could still see her every day at lunch... then I left for a better job opportunity (or so I thought) and we saw each other less and less. Luckily she moved from the City to the East Bay (Oakland represent) and she knows how to party.
We celebrated the Fourth of July early on Sunday and enjoyed the sunshine while we drank French wine and ate French foods. After one bottle we started munching on chips and cheese, and by bottle two we were throwing watermelon and smashing cupcakes into our faces. 
I’m so grateful to have a friend who is willing to haul a whole bunch of heavy supplies, deal with douchey Lyft drivers, defend our spread from boys trying to holler and have a blast while we make costume changes and take zillions of photos. Thanks for being the best, Dev.

Picnics have definitely become my favorite summer activity.
So about that spread--The French Ministry of Agriculture sent us four bottles of wine from Beaujolaid and Loire, two cheeses from Normany and Auvergne, and the most delicious salts from the Medditerranean Sea and Guérande.
Since we forgot the patriotic cupcakes, we got crazy with them once we got back to the house--unfortunately those bottles of wine compromised our ability to get the actual cake smashing properly documented, but I assure you it was a delicious mess.
Big thanks to the French Ministry of Agriculture for sponsoring this post and an even bigger thanks to Devyn for making my Fourth of July one to remember. 

How are you celebrating this year?

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