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My Top Secret Project Color Inspiration Board
Friends, I've been working on a top secret project for the past few months. Okay, it's not a secret at all, but I'm psyched about it and I want you to be too, so humor me. I'm starting a new website, which is pretty scary/overwhelming/omgidontevenupdatethisoneenough, but it's happening and once I finally get everything together, I think it's going to be pretty badass. The site will be a stylish, comprehensive guide to lactose-free living. It'll have everything I wish I'd had access to back in 2008 when I refused to admit it, but late night pizza binges were destroying me from the inside out. 

I'm covering dairy-free alternatives to milk, lactose-free cream cheese that doesn't suck, the best places to find vegan ice cream in SF and WTF lactose even is (hint: it's not gluten). I'm ready to address the needs of anyone who's ever had to uncomfortably ask, "Does this have dairy?" I've got quite a way to go before launching, so I thought it might be fun to share some of this process with you guys. This is the original color scheme/inspiration board I came up with and since it makes me smile, I thought I'd give it a home aside from its private Pinterest board. 

If any of this biznass sounds interesting to you, feel free to follow along on social media leading up to the launch -- Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and newsletter. If you're local (or just love me a whole lot), let me know if you'd like to attend the launch party. I hear there's going to be ice cream involved. I'm stoked, guys. Get stoked with me?


  1. YAY for this amazing brain baby of yours being out in the world <3 <3


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