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Confessional Gifs

I had a different post in mind for you guys today, but let's keep it light with a throwback to a time when gifs reigned supreme and confessions were a weekly occurrence. Let me start by confessing how long it took me to correctly spell "occurrence" just now. Truly embarrassing. I'm losing it, guys. Anyway, I confess..
I have a new job (my Snapchatters knowwww --> marymackensie), but I don't have a car.. Or insurance.
I signed up for my FIRST MARATHON. It's in November and I'm terrified.
I tried to fill up the boyfriend's car I've been borrowing with gas for the second time and I could not for the life of me find the stupid button that opened the gas gauge, for the second time (which resulted in me crying uncontrollably #stable).
The crying was probably a delayed reaction to my < 30-min teeth cleaning that cost me $125 (did I mention I don't have insurance anymore?).
Before my two-week trip to Hawaii, I decided to skip my period that was supposed to come that week (who wants to deal with periods on planes, let alone beaches on bikinis on beaches?). I'd never skipped placebo week before, but everything I Googled said it was legit, so imagine my surprise when instead of letting me skip the old Shark Week, it instead made it last an entire month. 
While in Hawaii I ate as much spam and "shave ice" as humanly possible. Which is to say, I was disappointed when my stomach was full and I couldn't shovel more flavored snow into my mouth. #wholewhat?
I told Chad I wanted to look like a Bond Girl at the wedding we went to last weekend and instead I had several people on the dance floor tell me I looked like Michelle Obama. Don't get me wrong, I love me some Michelle Obama, but, like, what?

That's all I've got for you today, folks. What are you confessing today? 

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  1. I am SO PROUD AND EXCITED for you for signing up for the marathon! Let's virtually train this fall? I'm running the Richmond Half (for a big time goal) that same weekend. SEND ME YO' SWEATY SELIFES.

  2. Everything about this post is perfect! Miss you crazy lady!

  3. haha awww girl I feel you so hard about crying at the gas pump! I am using my mom's car this week (more trunk space for moving!!) and I had nooo idea how to get the tank open and then it was really finnicky and I started panicking because a line up formed behind me...I get you. Also: GIFs are always a great choice!

  4. I've definitely had a breakdown from trying to pump gas before too....
    So excited about the marathon! I signed up for one in October and I'm TERRIFIED! I keep thinking "why the **** did I think this was a good idea?!?!"


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