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It's been an eventful week, my friends. The cilantro on our dining room table is growing like crazy, I'm on day 26 of the Whole30, I have a couple major traveling adventures on the horizon aaaaand I totaled my car -- everyone is OK except my poor car who will not be recovering. I had her for over a decade, so it was rough saying goodbye, but there's nothing like crashing into a semi to make you grateful to be alive. All I'm saying is I'm stoked to be here today, friends. And maybe my new car won't have a CD player that forever plays half of a Ke$ha song before skipping for 30 seconds.
Happy Friday!


  1. So happy you are safe after the semi crash of 2016. <3 You're a hero for your ALMOST THERE on Whole30 through St. Patrick's Day! So inspired by your watercolor lifestyle <3

  2. Oh man! So glad you're ok!! And to be honest, that lunch looks pretty amazing.

  3. Oh NO! So happy you're uninjured. RIP car. Yay, Mac. Yay for coming adventures! Glad you're alive.

  4. I love your little indoor garden! You cilantro is coming along quite nicely :) Glad you are ok!!

  5. I'm so glad you're okay! Can't wait to here about your upcoming adventures!

  6. Glad you are okay. I hate saying goodbye to cars. It's funny how sentimental we can get over an inanimate object!


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