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Hot Tramp, I Love You So

Remember that surprise event I was looking forward to on Friday night?

It was a tribute to David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust (my dog’s namesake) album played in its entirety by a band of eclectic folks, including burlesque dancers and drag queens with plenty of nipple tassels to go around. The group is called “The First Church of the Sacred Silversexual,” and it was such an amazing show put on at the Chapel in San Francisco. While I had an amazing time, it is made bittersweet by the tragic news that Bowie passed last night after his 18-month battle with cancer.

In true Stardust fashion, he release his latest album, Black Star, just a few days ago as his parting gift to us earthlings. God, I love that man. His legend will live on forever and please do me a favor: if you’ve never seen it, watch “Labyrinth” tonight in his honor and if you’re at work right now, listen below. You won’t regret it.

Here's a throwback photo to demonstrate how deep my Bowie fandom goes (I blogged about it with terrible quality photos way back here).

Rest in peace, Mr. Stardust.

But on a happier note..

I’m on my way to Boston!

Last night I found out I’m spending Monday and Tuesday in Boston, Wednesday in Chicago, Thursday in San Francisco and then flying to Denver for the weekend on Friday.

Although the first two trips are for work, I’m still pretty psyched because a) I’ve never been to Boston or Chicago before and b) I’ve never even stayed in a hotel by myself. Adding to the excitement is the fact that I’ll be checking Colorado and skiing off the bucket list this weekend for a trip that is not work-related. Boom!

Does anyone have suggestions for things to see or do (and especially eat) during a short stay in Boston, Chicago, Denver or Breckinridge? Let me know in the comments.

Also what's your favorite Bowie song? Do share!

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  1. You'll be so close to me! I wish I could ditch work and visit with you I Chi town! Happy travels. :)


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