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Cards, Cookies & Sincerely Box Giveaway

I’m a sucker for subscriptions boxes, guys.
Actually, I’m a sucker for any kind of online shopping because the items arrive in boxes, which means they’re basically presents and no matter how much time I spend picking the stuff out, it still feels like a surprise upon boxed arrival. And I effing LOVE surprises.
It was this very inclination that prevented me from stealing some badass whiskey stones at last year’s white elephant exchange in favor of opening a new present just for the thrill of it--it was a 25-cent tic-tac-toe game, so it doesn’t always pay off. But in the case of subscription boxes, it almost always does, so I was honored when the lovely lady behind Sincerely Box offered to send me one from the very first shipment AND give one away to a reader of this here blog.
Sincerely Box provides subscribers with four ridiculously cute, hand-lettered greeting cards, envelopes and stamps monthly to get your handwritten sentiments on in style. I’m a huge fan of receiving handwritten notes in the mail, but if we’re being real here, it’s usually a lack of immediately resources that hinders me from doing it myself. I still have thank you, birthday and father’s day cards that I never sent because who has stamps these days? Not I. That’s why I loved this idea. No excuses. You get a seasonal card that’s beautiful and even stamps to match, so what reason do you have to not put that pen to paper? 
So if you’d like to make card writing (and subsequent day-making) a part of your new year’s resolutions, be sure to check out Sincerely Box and use the code “MACKENSIEG10” to get 10% off your order. Oh, and enter below to win your first box free!
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  1. Oh this is so sweet! I too love sending and receiving cards and actually it's on my goal list for next year to send a specific amount. Thanks for this giveaway :)

  2. Oh holy crap, the cards are so cute! Definitely have to enter AND take advantage of that coupon code. Thank you for the giveaway!


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