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Sunday Links

Happy Sunday, friends! Like my new layout? I'm still trying to get it fully installed, so let me know if you see anything that looks out of place. I did a lot of reading this week, and I have lots of thoughts, opinions and links for you. I try not to expound on controversial topics in this space, but sometimes you just gotta share some articles, amIright? I'd love to start some discussions with you all, so feel free to express your thoughts and feels in the comments below.

This new brand of Japanese paints doesn't include color names in hopes of teaching color theory to young'ns.

This Barbie's badass Instagram feed is everything. 

The Cyrano de Bergerac of Pop music, this 44-year-old Swedish man is responsible for some of your favorite T.Swift tracks and 21 No.1 Top 100 Billboard hits.

November begins National Novel Writing Month AKA NANOWRIMO. To write or not to write? That is the question.

Trying to step up your SEO game? Here's a great resource.

I've been following this interior design boss lady on Instagram for quite a while, but this interview with her on Everygirl made me even more fangirl-y.

Forget smart watches, I want this beautiful smart ring.

This is one of my favorite blogs to read on the daily lately. I'm pretty sure we would be BFFs IRL.

As for controversial topics I usually avoid.. 

In case you were under the impression that the tech boom benefits everyone in the Bay Area, read this. And if you're so inclined vote for this.

How to spot a feminist. “..a person who believes in political, economic & social equality of the sexes.”

Some insight into the disease that is obesity and why fat-shaming is simply never, ever acceptable.

Planned Parenthood is not exclusively for abortions. I've been there many times (not once for an unplanned pregnancy) and they do cancer screenings, women's exams, STI testing/treatment and provide many methods of preventive birth control. In case you're getting swept up in the coverage of this PP scandal, government shutdown business, please consider this one too. This will be an issue again in a few months. #StandwithPP

Remember the hero; forget the zero. My heart is heavy to read yet another article like this. What do you think the solution to this epidemic is?

I'm a little torn about this Party City scandal. Either way, their PR team monumentally effed up, but I'm curious as to how you feel about gender equality in Halloween costumes? Maybe I never came across this problem growing up because we always made our own costumes..

A boyfriend too good to be true. A beautiful piece on Alzheimer's.

And on a lighter note, glowing turtles!!

Word of the week: screed - a long speech or piece of writing, typically one regarded as tedious.. AKA this blog post. 

Please let me know your thoughts! I know I covered a lot of topics here, and I want to know your opinions (even if they're different than mine!).


  1. Oh I am loving your new layout. It's absolutely gorgeous. Had to start following that barbie instagram, I love it. I completely stand with Planned Parenthood. People get so wrapped up in the adoration issue that they completely overlook what else they do. In fact, many Planned Parenthoods that I know about only offer that particular service once a month. I've been to PP for cancer screenings and for regular checkups when I didn't have insurance. And so have many other women that I know of. They are so important and don't make you feel ashamed like many doctor offices can. I was raped several years ago and because of that I had to have an AIDS test done inmediately, at 6 months, at 1 year and 5 years. I had my 1 year and 5 year tests done at PP and they never once looked down on me or made me feel like I had to explain.

  2. The story about Nick was beautiful! The powers and weaknesses of the mind are truly incredible.


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