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I confess..

It's confession time again, and this one's a doozy because..

It's placebo week and I hate everything.

It was unclear at the time of writing this whether or not it would actually get published because shortly before writing, I bitch slapped my laptop for taking 5 hours to load anything and then forced it to shut down swearing off electronics forever before composing in the notes app of my iPhone.

Before yesterday, I hadn't been to the dentist in an embarrassingly long time. Like, too long to confess even on confessions day.

The dentist is worse than I remembered and let's just say I'll be back there way sooner than me and my wallet are comfortable with.

Thanks to Brooke I discovered Zara the other day and gave them all my money. I wore a shirt that has cranes on it today. Cranes.

I ordered this blouse online and felt super profresh wearing it to a conference in my new black dress pants (ahem, Zara) except my eyeballs + fluorescent lighting = blue looks like black and I wore all black errythang except my noticeably navy blue striped top. It very clearly didn't match in the light of day.

My new design was lovely, right? Well it's gone now. Sorry. We're back to basics because I not only have the slowest laptop in America, I also had the slowest loading blog in America. Yea I could probably go through and get rid of dead links or make my images smaller but that takes time and a computer that functions correctly. Neither of which I have, so I gave up. Who wants to teach me how to make my own damn layouts?

A soy sauce packet exploded in my purse. Why did I have a soy sauce packet in my purse to begin with? HOW OFTEN ARE THERE SITUATIONS WHERE SOY SAUCE IS CRUCIAL?

I bought Epsom salt at whole foods. Who the eff do I think I am? I don't even have a proper drain stopper.

At work the other day I made coffee in the Keurig (because I hate the environment) and I could only find plastic disposable cups vs. the weird paper/styrofoam hybrid that's usually there, so instead of asking where they went or using my brain, I went ahead and made the coffee in the plastic cup. It melted immediately, of course, and I crumbled in shame as I tossed it in the garbage as quickly as possible.

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  1. ahhh i almost bought the cranes shirt! i should have!!!!! oh in other news, i love that you now use the term shark week.

  2. I totally loved your new layout but this feels warm, cozy and "home". <3 Best of luck with your recent technology struggles. Was Shaniqua okay in the great soy sauce explosion of 2015?

  3. Agggh I love Zara. I admittedly "forget" about it a lot but recently went to the mall and bought a few awesome things there. I know most people shop online but it's just a pretty store to just walk around and look at/touch things (is that creepy?). I lol'ed at your soy sauce thing.

  4. Oh god... I'm so glad we don't have a Zara here! Otherwise I would forever be broke (wait... no I already am)

  5. I understand your Kurig woes. I once made sweet tea (like the old fashioned way by boiling the water in the pot) and was going to put it in my new cute plastic container.. I put the container in the sink so that way if I spilled it was NBD, then I poured the tea into the container and the container started to list to one side, then the other, then it was just a blob and tea was spilling EVERYWHERE. When I figured out what was happening, I stopped pouring and lifted the container out of the sink, only to realize that the bottom had melted in the shape of the sink drain. It was weird and kinda cool and mostly disappointing at the same time.


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