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Weekend Snapshots

Over the weekend I ate Korean BBQ at Jong Ga House in Oakland, where I attempted to enjoy baby octopus and failed. I didn't feel good about it, but Ziggy felt great about it later. Besides that, the food was amazing. I tried so many colorful, unidentified things before coming home and constructing those Instagram photo lines up there. I found the cute baby clothes pins at Michael's and printed the IG photos with PostalPix, in case you'd like to recreate it. Saturday morning I got up bright and early to hike Mission Peak in Fremont with those pretty ladies. It was a pretty challenging 6-mile hike and the view was incredible, but perhaps even more impressive was the hour-long line to take a photo on top of that pole. Sunday I took lots of pictures with the manfriend (coming later this week), played with Ziggy at Point Isabel, made delicious chili with my Farm Fresh To You veggies and baked peach cobbler. Food, friends, adventures and cuddles: my kind of weekend.

How was your weekend?


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