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Weekend Things

If you follow me on Snapchat (@marymackensie), you know my weekend started on Thursday. I got way too excited about my new bendy straw-shaped wine aerator and might have Snapped it, like, 15 times. Friday night I went to the Brewcade in SF with old friends where I kicked ass at Tekken and made midnight plans to go camping the following morning. Saturday morning we headed up to the Mendocino area to get our camp on. We stayed at the Kyen Campground -- it was $25 a night on Lake Mendocino with bathrooms, showers, grills and picnic tables. I definitely recommend it if you want a glamping type situation (that's dog-friendly!). We did some hiking, a lot of HedBanzplaying (hence the cards on our foreheads up there) and Ziggy did a lot of trash eating. Every time I took her off-leash she went straight for someone else's campsite for rotten beef, a mostly eaten drumstick or used napkins-- the joys of dog ownership. We stayed for two nights and it was awesome. Also, I'm stoked to sleep in a bed tonight.

How was your weekend?

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