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Weekend Things

You know it hasn't been an eventful weekend when I show up early Monday morning to tell you about it. I've been sick as balls. And if you know how sick balls can be, you know what kind of an effect that would have on my weekend. Basically I was exhausted and sipping cough medicine/swallowing antibiotics every couple hours, so the fact that I even made it out of the house for delicious meals (try to take my appetite away, I dare you) is pretty impressive. I even made it to a friend's BBQ Friday night (where Ziggy hid in the bathroom) and Palo Alto to explore (and take photos at) the Stanford campus before a work event. That was the extent of it though. The rest of the time was spent waiting to get back into bed. AND as you read this, I'm reporting for my very first jury duty, so party.

How was your weekend?

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  1. Oh no! Being sick is bad. But being sick on the weekend is just not fair! Hope you're feeling better!


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