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Happy Friday, friends! I've got some links to help you get through your last day of the workweek. Some articles that made me laugh, think or swoon. Some of my favorite things I watched, read and listened to, and maybe even a gratuitous photo of the sausage dog.

Tips from a humor writer on writing funnier stuff.
On Quitting Social Media and still killin' it business-wise.
Pulling Back the Curtain on Instagram because Tay makes me lol.
On Drinking Alone.
I'm voting for Mr. Nuts.
My newest bloggy crush.
I love everything about this lookbook.
I watched this on Netflix while sick with the plague and really liked it.
Except apparently the plague is back? #terrifying
I read this on the plane to Vegas and I love, love, loved it (all my Central FL peeps must read and relate).
New favorite song.
My best Insta of the week.

What links did you love this week? Gimme!


  1. Geez, that's a lot of time we're wasting on social media. Does it make you want to stop? It makes me want to be less dependent or set parameters for my usage. Happy Friday, dear!

  2. That social media article is actually really interesting! I like that perspective, I never thought of myself as wasting my life on something that won't even matter in the end (even though it's totally true!!!) I use social media for my business and find it super helpful but I know I need to be on it less, it's such a waste of time! Love your puppy insta, seriously SO cute :) I WANT A DOG!!!
    xo, Candace | Lovely Little Rants


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