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Weekend Things

Last week was pretty eventful. Tuesday night that guy took me to watch the sunset at Lands End and then "Inside Out" in 3D--go see it, guys. It was amazing. Thursday I went to see Rodney Atkins live at the Alameda County Fair in Pleasanton. Friday I saw "Me, Earl and the Dying Girl" (I never go to the movies, so this week was a record), Saturday I baked all day before heading to the San Jose Earthquakes vs. LA Galaxy soccer game at the beautiful Stanford Campus. Quakes dominated (woo hoo!) and I got to play with that sweet baby angel face up there. You might remember a mini-version of him that I used to nanny for every day that I called "Dude Baby"; now he's a big kid!!

Sunday I celebrated SF Pride 2015 with tons of glitter. My only goal was to collect as many temporary tattoos as I possibly could. It should've been: Don't die. At one point my group of friends got stampeded Lion King-style and my naked foot (the heels were just for the pic, naturally) got shoved into a glass bottle on the curb, so I bled out on the sidewalk while everyone potentially ran for their lives. I'm not sure what was actually happening; I'm assuming a serious, maybe armed, fight broke out--but it's good to know that in life-threatening situations involving large crowds and stampedes, I'd be the one sitting on the sidewalk bleeding everywhere.

I've been hobbling around and eating leftover banana bread ever since. So that's what I've been up to. How was your weekend?

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