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The past week in photos

Somehow the first week of April already arrived and departed and I forgot how to handle my blife (bloglife).

Here are some of the highlights/accomplishments/failures you missed out on (you can decided which one is which):

+ I went hiking and both of my hiking partners turned into monkeys climbing up this giant tree.
+ I bought a bunch of new succulent babies that maybe I won't kill?
+ I spent many hours reading Eleanor & Park for bookclub and finished 20 minutes into the discussion.
+ My iPhone died 10 minutes after my (late) arrival to the Google hang because I killed the battery by reading all day.
+ During the marathon reading sesh, I baked a cake for my roomie’s birthday but thought that chocolate chips would be cute inside the batter. Actually they just sank to the bottom and left me with a bottomless cake.
+ Monday was the roomie’s birthday celebration at a bowling joint and I thought it would be a good idea to bring a giant butcher knife to cut the cake.
+ I was informed I’m not allowed to bring giant butcher knives into bowling alleys.
+ I was also informed that I’m not allowed to bring cakes into establishments that serve food.
+ I bowled a 70.
+ I stayed up until 3am trying to finish an assignment that I ended up not finishing anyway.
+ I thought I was going to get murdered while trying to drop my dog off at a dogsitter’s hidden-in-the-Berkeley-hills home.
+ I hid in the car texting the boy about this impending murder.
+ I forgot to tell him I was fine while I discussed the details of Ziggy’s stay.
+ I stayed up too late packing all my clothes into a tiny suitcase and woke up at 4am to catch a flight to Atlanta
+ After arriving on the east coast, I ate fried chicken and drank sweet tea with every meal.
+ I tried to keep up with a bunch of dudes at a bachelor party.
+ I drank copious amounts of alcohol at said bachelor party and broke bro code by documenting with my iPhone.
+ I got to eat Chick Fil-A when I was hung over.
+ I saw a dolphin show at the Georgia Aquarium where trainers did flips off of dolphin noses.
+ I saw a beluga whale and two types of otters.
+ I went to a wedding with that guy, who did flips in the yard beforehand.
+ I got to spend Easter with my real life family in Florida.
+ We found the most perfect little cardinal nest in my parents' yard.
+ I drank way too much wine.
+ I got sad when I had to leave 24 hours later.
+ I spent 4 hours in a plane and 5 hours in a car with the boy who decided to bring me on this adventure, and as far as I know, I didn’t scare him away yet.
+ I picked up Ziggy from her babysitter and found this view on the way home.
+ I'm exhausted.

Good night, y'all.

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