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St. Patrick's Day Mani

Sunday is not usually a blogging day, but it is a perfect day to experiment with manicures--especially when St. Patrick's Day lands on a Tuesday. Apparently the beginning of spring is when I start feeling festive because I totally did a St. Patrick's Day nails post last year too. This year's is pretty simple, but I'm a fan of the elegant, barely-there glitter gold going on in this one. All you need is some shamrock-green nail polish, gold glitter polish, scotch tape and a clear top coat.

First paint your nails with the green polish. Be sure to paint a couple coats of the green polish and let it dry completely before applying tape so that when you pull it off and it inevitably pulls off some of the second layer, the first layer is underneath to keep you from starting over.

Next apply a small strip of tape vertically to each nail and dab the gold glitter on (painting it on will result in very few glitter pieces actually sticking to the nail).

Pull the tape off gently in the direction of your paint strokes and finish with the clear top coat.

Now go on and get you some green beer! Or, if you're a girl right after my own heart, go for some skinny St. Patty's margs instead.


  1. omg these are perfect! love the gold ♥

  2. Look at you fancy mcgee with those pretty sparklies! The gold is perfection!

  3. I want to do a holiday with you someday. Can we make that happen?


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