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Cinnamon Apple Bread


I told you guys I've been baking on Sundays, but I forgot to tell you I've also been trying to photograph my baking experiments and it turns out that sunlight everyone's always raving about really does make said photos look infinitely better. Needless to say this particular project happened at 10pm on Sunday while my roomz watched Gilmore Girls and I got intimate with the flash. 

Anyway, I made this loaf of cinnamon apple bread from this recipe substituting Earth Balance vegan butter and soy milk for the dairy products and honey for the vanilla extract because I just didn't have any at the time. It lasted maybe 24 hours, so I recommend doubling the recipe or having more self-restraint than we do. 

I finally went grocery shopping, guys. And even though I'm throwing the best-smelling loaf of complex carbohydrates in all its flashy brightness in your faces right now, I'm hoping I will start cooking up some paleo recipes again soon. At least until I'm in Florida in 10 days (EEK!) at which time I will eat ALL the gingerbread house candy I can fit into my face.

Seriously, though. This bread smells bomb. Try it, I dare you.


  1. ohhh as soon as our new oven arrives I'M MAKING THIS! mmm looks so good :D

  2. This looks sooooo good :) Trying this out ASAP


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