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Weekend Snapshots

My weekend had Bay Area written all over it, and not just because that's where I spent it. Friday night Emma and I went to Something Completely Different, an art show in Oakland that I enjoyed not only because I love art but also because I love clever names. The featured artists are well known in the area, and for this show they tried a totally different style, medium, form of art than they usually work with. You can see some of the pieces here. After feasting on giant burgers and onion rings at Fenton's, we went to bed so we could rise bright and early for a morning of yoga and charity at the Yoga For Change event at the beautiful Grace Cathedral in San Francisco. The proceeds went to the community preschool and I got to take my first historic cable car ride to get there, so double win. Afterward we wore our yoga pants to the Embarcadero Center Cinema to watch Boyhood while eating gourmet chocolate in reclining seats. This is real life. Then since it was best friend date weekend, we hung out with Ziggy at Lake Merritt and watched annoyingly adorbz couples do yoga together in the grass. So in case you were wondering if living in Northern California for the past year and a half was starting to rub off on me, the answer is a resounding hella yes.



    also yoga in that church looks beautiful

  2. Save some of this fun for when I come visit!!!

  3. looks like an amazing place to do yoga! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  4. you're so presh. and so is ziggy, i just want to cuddles him.

    church yoga...that's a new one, but it's pretty!

  5. i just want to force myself into your life.
    you have all the fun. in all the prettiest of places.


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