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What I Wore Confessions

Top: Lauren Conrad / Pants: A&F / Shoes: Target

I don't always wear pastels, but when I do it makes me crave Mentos like whoa. The pink ones specifically. This outfit also brought Tums to mind, but those are far less delicious so I decided to stick with Mentos.

There's a suited gentleman photo-bombing one of those photos. Can you find him? Do you see the judgement radiating from his eyes and making my posture crinkle with shame?

I bought this shirt in a premature celebratory shopping spree at Kohl's. I saved $377 but let's be real, I just contributed to my credit card debt.

I may have forgotten how to write in full paragraphs considering this is the third post in a row consisting of unrelated sentences stacked on top of each other.

I chose not to use one of these photos because the ginormous mystery bruise on my arm was very visible. Also all of these photos are backlit because I still haven't replaced my tripod so utility box it is!

I think my mystery foot cut is infected and not having my Rainbows I lost on the boat is making all shoe attempts very painful. This also makes not training for my half marathon in two weeks very easy to do.

I bought a pot today so I could cook my Ramen the classy way. Consequently I bought a plastic bowl so I could eat my Ramen the classy way.

I have listened to more Mariah Carey songs today than ever before.

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  1. LOL! I love you cutie pie! This is awesome...

  2. Also, yes...I spotted Waldo. Ha ha ha!

  3. I love this look!! Ive always loved lauren conrads line at kohls but have never actually went to kohls to try anything on!

    I get mystery bruises all the time! Not sure why?

    Mariah is the bomb.

  4. Love that style of your top also pastels are so pretty :)


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