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Strawberry Mint Margaritas

I needed a fun summery beverage to bring to the park on Friday night, so I decided to get creative with the leftover Camarena tequila in my freezer. I have a love/hate relationship with tequila, but I hoped that adding mint leaves, sliced strawberries and limeade would ease the hate part for the night at least (the next morning was a different story).
All you need is a bunch of sliced strawberries, mint leaves, ice cubes (or frozen strawberries so it doesn't get diluted), 3 cups Simply Limeade and one cup silver tequila (depending on how strong you want them to be because you can barely taste it--they'll getcha!).
I poured all the ingredients into a pitcher and shook it up, which made it all pink, but I was feeling this color scheme so I drank the first one with the mint and strawberries as garnishes.
So what do I even call this? Tequila limeade? Strawberry mint margaritas? I don't even know, but they were tasty! What's your favorite summery cocktail?


  1. At first I was like, "You spelled "summary" wrong!" and I was going to spell-check shame you, but then I got it. #slow This is the cutest, and looks so darn tastey!!

  2. let's go pick on some six strings and drink the mint limeade strawberry goodness.

  3. This. Looks. Amazeballs!!

    And your blog is beyond adorable!

    Take care,

  4. p.s. Your 'About Me' is literally the cutest one I've seen in ages. Literally.

  5. Stawberry mint margarita sounds good to me! I'll be mixing up some of these this summer without a doubt :) thanks for sharing

  6. I'm thinking all that with Vodka ... :)

  7. YUMMM

    also on another completely separate note i can't use my phone right now so my response to your snapchat from yesterday about your stats: "WTAF"

  8. Looks so refreshing and easy to drink way too much on a hot day!

  9. omg! This looks delicious and perfect for this hot weather!


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