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In my beach bag

When I started thinking about the things I'd fill my fantasy beach bag with, I suddenly found myself on a windy beach with no shortage of rocks, cliffs and hermit crabs. It was an image far removed from my typical Cosmo, wine and frisbee scene the word "beach" generally conjures in my mind. I saw myself with imperfect tousled waves rocking a high-wasted bikini while sitting on an authentic Mexican blanket and sipping bourbon from a rad flask. Donning those Warby Parker shades and that dreamy pair of Steve Madden sandals while reading Steinbeck and Kerouac out loud to Ziggy. She wouldn't be listening though, she would be too busy eating the crab carcasses. I'd bring sunscreen, lip balm with SPF 15 and deodorant too, of course. I think it would be a pretty stellar start to summer.

What's in your fantasy beach bag?


  1. So that's a California beach bag. An Oregon beach bag would have a poncho and the lip balm would be for burns of the wind variety!

  2. 1) boogie board
    2) sand castle building supplies
    3) slip 'n slide (if it fits)
    4) Modelos (in the can) with lime wedges
    5) GoPro camera to catch the madness that unfolds
    6) and this

  3. What a fun fantasy beach bag! Mine would probably include a good book and some fresh, ice-cold, lemonade with strawberries. It is a fantasy after all ;D


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