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What I Wore

Top: Target / Pants: A&F / Rings & CA Necklace: Fifth & Mae / Other Jewels: Gifted

Aside from the translucent skin, freckles, scarce use of the word "literally" and devastatingly low net worth, I could totally be a Kardashian, right? That just leaves the donk, I think. The similarities end there. I'm okay with that. I'm beyond conflicted about the high waisted/crop top trends. Do you want to know how many times I've shown off my belly button without first slathering it with sunscreen and jumping into a body of water? These photos were the second time, the first was when I actually wore this outfit out in LA -- which means that yes, I put on this outfit to stand dramatically in front of my book shelf and pose for my tripod. Just living the life, you guys. And what exactly distinguishes high waisted jeans from mom jeans? I'm just wondering because I don't want to be the one wearing mom jeans while fashion designers all snort espresso through their noses at their douchey practical joke. Oh, and on the subject of fashionable pranks, jelly shoes are back in. This is not a drill. Go stock up on that shiz. What are your thoughts on the high bottoms/short tops trends?

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PS: Thank you for the wonderful comments yesterday. I love you guys long time.


  1. I am loving this look. Very feminine but not girly. Count me in! Buuuut I'm not totally sure how I feel about the Jellies coming back. Those were rough days. Ever get a pebble stuck in one of those babies? Not a good time!

  2. oh hey crop top! you look far too cute for your own good.

  3. no way you pull that crop top off that well. you're so stylish!!!

  4. Love that you wore this out in the real world too! I think they're mom jeans when you don't have a defined butt anymore(?)

  5. You look super cute!!! As for me.... I don't care if they are the last pair of jeans on earth I will NEVER go high waisted agian. I lived thru the 80's & 90's and my ass was fabulous and it still looked 3 times as big in high waisted jeans lol... No way!!

    1. This this this! Why don't people realize this? Just say no to high waisted! I actually really like these pictures, but it hasn't changed my mind. I think the trend is horrible. Awful, terrible.


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