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Things I learned this weekend


1. Walking a mile and a half uphill is hard work and should be rewarded with hamburgers. Free ones.
2. I really like when people innocently vandalize statues.
3. Reading a book is the best way to tune out weirdos while utilizing public transit.
4. Finishing "Blood Bones & Butter" reinforced what I already knew: I never want to work in the food industry again.
5. I despise the phrase, "I'm off sugar," especially when it comes from a dude with a beer in his hand.
6. Taking mirror selfies, making summer to-do lists and working out on your floor is one way to spend your Saturday night.
7. I give zero effs about the Kentucky Derby. Not a single one.
8. The sausage dog cannot prance into a body of water without peeing immediately.
9. Wine tasting makes me feel fancy.
10. Chocolate shot glasses make me feel dancey.

What did you learn this weekend?

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  1. CHOCOLATE SHOT GLASSES?! i wannnnnt!

    also i dont know anything about the derby and i dont curr

  2. do you get to eat the glass after?!

  3. Omg... I haven't had a shot in a chocolate cup in forever. That is what I will serve at my next ladies party. Thank you for reminding me. I learned that drinking multiple different types of wine in one night is not brilliant when you are old like me. Or should I say re-learned:)

  4. Chocolate shot glasses????? WTF?! Why aren't these in my belly RIGHT NOW?!

  5. I was pissed that the Kentucky Derby took the spotlight off me and my graduation day. I feel ya sister.

  6. PORTLAND <3<3<3 Because that. is. happening.


  7. I think it is hilarious when people innocently "vandalize" statues too, they always crack me up!
    I want a chocolate shot glass! That's genius.

  8. hahaha I love this post. Innocent vandalism is something I love too. Once I saw a road marquee (you know, the construction ones that say things like "road work 7-9" etc) that flashed the words "Friday Friday, Gotta Get Down On Friday! Partying Partying, YA! Drive Safe, Mmmkay?" haha

  9. Hamburgers should always be handed out for free. For every little accomplishment at that! And also, chocolate shot glasses - gimme gimme!!

  10. I love when people are super clever and find ways to "enhance" statues in hilarious ways!

    Also, if you really wanna add to the book on public transportation: throw on some sunglasses and headphones(even id they aren't playing any music!)

  11. re: #6, I gotta say... that doesn't sound too shabby. And I'm 100% with you on #7 and WHERE DOES ONE FIND A #10!? That looks lovely.


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