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'Cause the dark's not taking prisoners tonight

I'm having a hard time getting my thoughts organized today. This probably stems from a lack of sleep last night (and let's be real, the whole past week), which probably stemmed from my obsessive thoughts. These thoughts included, but were not limited to: money (I wonder if I could sell my eggs?), unemployment (New e-mail notification?! Just the 50th promotion of the day), housing (How am I supposed to pay a deposit?), credit (Do I even have a score? It can't be good), reading (Why did I stop? I felt much better while I was doing that), the time (I stopped because it was getting late. I'm supposed to be sleeping), relationships (WTF, mate?), camping (I really hope I won't have to poop in the woods next weekend), hiking (20 miles in one day is a lot. Like, a lot), death (We won't have cell service, what happens if I just stop breathing 10 miles in?), paranoia (You're being ridiculous), OMG (CHILL THE EFF OUT), freelance (Will I have time to finish my projects?), gynecology (Oh Jesus, I have to sit in the stirrups tomorrow), caffeine (How much did I actually consume today?), time again (COOL, if I fall asleep now I will get four hours), my weekend (I've had a lovely one! Why am I doing this?), benefits of sleeping (You'd be a lot less stressed if you'd just sleep like a normal person), Ziggy (Why is she taking up the whole bed?), temperature (It's hot as balls in here!!), hair twirling (This can't be conducive to sleep, but I don't want to stop), time (Now I'm at three hours), comfort (Maybe if I just keep rolling over..), Ziggy again (She's between my legs. This is weird), guilt trip (Your life is awesome. Other people have real problems. Just go to sleep, princess), stop thinking (...), stop thinking (...), stop thinking (...still thinking).


  1. Okay but seriously, this is my life at night. Down the rabbit hole we go...

  2. I know that cycle well, it's a fun game I play nearly every night. Super. fun. Wish I had some advice, but I don't, so I'll just send an Internet hug instead.

  3. stop the thinking!!!!! it's not possible and it's not fair. but in other news your pictures look so, so pritay

  4. Did you sleep? You're beautiful inside and out - did you find out if you can sell your eggs?

  5. I know that feeling all too well - my thoughts run wild at night and I can't sleep from all of the tossing and turning.


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