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What I wore

Dress: LC / Shoes: Target / Knuckle Rings: Fifth & Mae / Necklace: World Market

Give a girl a camera, some new Photoshop actions and a lacy dress and she will make a sandy body of water look like the twirliest bunch of fun drops the world ever did see (no matter how much goose poop her sausage pup drags her leash through).

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  1. Could you stop being so cute??? No? Okay fine. I love your face!

  2. LOVE the dress, shoes, nail polish...everything!

  3. i mean the shoes are cute and all, but the barefoot photos are even cuter...we'll just assume you didn't step in goose poop.

  4. why ya gotta be so fashionable betch. But in all seriousness, what is that nail polish color? I WANT.

  5. I looooooooooove everything!!! So gorgeous!! and I have those rings, too! :D


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