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My Confessions

When I got home from work on Monday, I went to sleep immediately and woke up around 10pm, had canned asparagus for dinner (because I chose sleep over grocery shopping) and went back to sleep at 11.

I still drank coffee Tuesday morning. And went to bed before 10pm.

My pee still smells weird.

I think one of my fillings is falling out. It started with shooting pains upon contact with anything cold over a year ago and instead of fixing it, I've become really good at only chewing cold stuff on the right side. I'm a problem solver!

My succulent's leaves all fell off. How is that even possible? They are the lowest maintenance plants there are and I still managed to kill mine or at least make it sickly.

I paid money to eat Jack-in-the-Box AND McDonald's already this week. Remember the whole "I'm going to eat paleo all of April so I can look hot in LA!" thing? Yea, me too. I leave Friday. Hashtag fail.

I downloaded a meditation app and used it. Combining meditation with technology makes me feel gross, but I kind of loved it. Om, y'all.

I've listened to Pharrell's new album approximately 5,435,678 times.

That's all I've got for now. What are your confessions?

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  1. i can't tell you how many times this past month i've been like ok i'm eating healthy until memorial day, starting today.


  2. i have been eating a lot of asparagus and my pee smells weird all the time now too. also it comes in a can? weird. second also, my aunt makes dilled asparagus and dilled green beans, i had them both this weekend. GOD I LOVE IT

  3. I definitely came home fell asleep immediately, woke up around 10ish & then went straight to bed. At least you ate something for dinner.

  4. i'm a plant killer too; like i legit killed a cactus which are pretty much unkillable. so i made my plants from kid felt flowers and stuck them in pretty candles :)

    thanks for linking up!

    Vodka and Soda

  5. I do the go-home and pass out thing all the time. In fact tonight is a lovely night for such a treat!

  6. hahaha I've killed a few succulents and a cactus, and I totally get the tooth thing. haha! I loved this post, and going to bed early rocks!


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