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Love & Memories

Writing a blog post from a computer that's not mine feels oh so wrong, but I'll tell you what doesn't feel wrong: sleeping in the bed I slept in all through high school and a little bit into my post-college freak out days (ha, as if those days are over). There's just something about it that makes it far more comfortable than any other. It has to be the smell. Nothing pulls me into a comatose state of nostalgia like an old familiar smell.

So far being home has meant eating out at all my old favorite restaurants, sitting by the pool with my family drinking mimosas, reapplying sunscreen and playing with our golden retriever Scout. It's also meant wearing short sundresses without a jacket, leaving my boots in my old room in favor of flip flops, peeling my legs off the leather seats of my mom's car, dealing with very frizzy hair and sweating my ass off.

I've seen lots of friends who love Fireball as much as I do, stressed about how to answer the "what are you doing with your life?" question and I've even suffered through one epic hangover. I expect the rest of this week will include beach time, a stroll through my college campus and my best attempts at squeezing in face to face time with any and all of my old buddies I haven't seen in too long. Oh, and someone please punch me in the face if I come back from this trip without out any photos on my new camera. So far my iPhone is the only device getting any photo action and this is not okay with me.

I hope your weekend was also full of love and memories. Welp, that sentence just determined the song that's going to play me out. Let's do this, O.A.R.


  1. I love this! It must be a great feeling to go home. I wouldn't know. I'm still here....

  2. So funny, when I saw the post title I thought "That's a great song" and went to my spotify. Then here you are with a grooveshark as I scroll down! :)

    Have a blast and don't sweat too much!

  3. you can keep the humidity in florida. i don't get along with it...but i am glad home is treating you well :)

  4. Sounds like you are having an amazing time so far! I've never had to deal with humidity or frizzy hair, I imagine that is a hassle though.

  5. Visiting home can be the best thing ever! I'm so glad you are having a great time! The downside- those ominous questions. :P I totally understand. haha!


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