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Usually Wednesdays are reserved for outfit posts, but due to extenuating circumstances (read: laziness), the closest things to outfit photos I have this week are sad gym selfies. So instead we are going to join in on the Humpday Confessions party because it's been quite some time since I've confessed my sins around these parts.

When I get frustrated I want to break stuff. I'm worried that I might actually hurt myself one of these days. You should've seen me slamming my fists into the floor last night because clearly that was going to fix my computer issues.

When I was little I used to bite the Nintendo controller because of that damn Donkey Kong. Seriously. There were bite marks. Does anyone know of a cheap therapist..?

I'm writing this post with my jeans unbuttoned and unzipped. Why are jeans so hard to wear? Maybe it's because 80% of the time I'm wearing leggings and the other 20% I'm wearing stretchy jean-like leggings that don't have pockets. They should have pockets.

April 19 is my one-year anniversary of living in California and it's kind of blowing my mind. Partly because I can't believe it's been that long and partly because I am just as confused about my future as I was 12 months ago. I am that 20-something that everyone keeps writing Thought Catalogs about apparently.

I cheated on my no-sugar April venture the other day with cookies n cream froyo. It was SO worth it.

I have one Nike+ run logged for March and zero for April. So, marathon training is going well.

I often get weirdly obsessive girl crushes on ladies of the internet. And no, I don't mean the ones who are my BFFs and send me poop Snapchats, I mean ones where I won't comment because I'm that creepy and I'm probably 3 years back into their archives at that point anyway. Here's my latest one.

I hope against all hope that I will be someone's weirdly obsessive internet girl crush one day.

I have no idea what day of the #100happydays project I'm on. I just keep posting happy photos.

I've been daydreaming about the bloody mary I'm going to order on my flight to Florida on Friday morning since Monday.

I don't remember making this playlist and it's called "New Playlist." Maybe I stole it from you? I'm sharing it anyway. Enjoy.

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  1. I am that 20-something that everyone keeps writing Thought Catalogs about apparently.


  2. Hey Mackensie!! I live in yoga pants and the stretchy jeans with no pockets you were talking about! Seriously, they need to have them lol!! I wear regular jeans once a week if i'm lucky, lol! And I so get the internet girl crush thing. Im sooo that person hahah!! Xx


  3. Last night when my boyfriend walked in the door I was on the couch with my work pants unbuttoned reading a book. Too lazy to change!

  4. i wear sweat pants to work and pretend that they're leggings so i don't have to bother with the discomfort of jeans!!! so far, no one in the office is none the wiser muahahahahaha!

    thanks for linking up!

    Vodka and Soda

  5. you have been my internet lady crush since the day i found you! ps. yay for a new playlist

  6. You're my weirdly obsessive internet girl crush <3<3<3

  7. I just heard about the #100happydays project! I need to do this! And you're going to Florida?! UGHHHH so jealous...I need a right now..

  8. when i go sugar free, cheat snacks are always inevitable. I did it last august and cheated with coldstone :)

  9. I think you've taken over as my newest obsessive internet girl crush. #SorryNotSorry :)


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