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What I Wore.. TMI style

Jacket: Free People / Shirt: F21 / Jorts: Goodwill DIY / Shoes: Target

It was pretty warm out the other day, so I decided to break out the mom-jeans-turned-hipster-jorts for a photo sesh. Does anyone else feel like this trend is just asking for some major camel toe action? Maybe I'm just doing it wrong. Also, I'm obsessed with these shoes, but I've had a bandaid on my ankle ever since wearing them to this park for, like, an hour. It's only on my left foot which just so happens to be about half a size bigger than the right one. I mean, I've always found symmetry to be boring but come on. At least I can adjust the straps of my bra to accommodate for the bigger one. Wow, this outfit post just turned into a TMI post really quickly. And since I'm on a roll, a bug just flew into my nostril. That just happened. I fully blame this on the fact that I've been watching "Girls" all night. Yeeeeea. 
Play me out, Pharrell.


  1. ohhhh i need to find someone with an HBO Go so i can watch girls!!!!

  2. Is it weird that yesterday I was leaning over with my head in my hands and I noticed that my right boob is bigger than my left? I'm kind of irked about it.

  3. I have the same issue with my feet. The left is slightly bigger. lol about the bug

  4. lolz. I see what you did there friend. You know, that hipster look would be perfect for portland...

  5. Oh my goodness you are super cute, I really LOVE those shoes! : ) One of my legs is a little shorter than the other, you can't really tell though, just when I stand on one leg or the other. lol

    ~Sarah : D

  6. why you gotta be so cute 24/7. you make me jelly.


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