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Weekend things

I feel like my whole week was a weekend because I actually socialized with real adult people every night of the week (this is kind of a big deal since I usually spend all week talking twelve octaves higher than normal while communicating with an 8 month old). I played with various lovely people Monday through Wednesday and on Thursday I went to the Disposable Film Festival at the Castro Theater with Emma. I had no idea what to expect, but as soon as we arrived, I was immediately entranced by the organ that popped up in the middle of the stage and the gorgeous ceiling and intricate decorations all over the theater. Then the films, which were all recorded on various non-professional devices, started playing and they were completely amazing. From stop motion to documentaries to animated films, they were all incredibly unique and inspiring. It was definitely one of the coolest events I've been to in the Bay. After it was over we stopped by Hot Cookie to pick up some inappropriate baked goods. Have I mentioned how much I love San Francisco?
Friday night Emma joined me again for a trip to the Vine Cinema & Ale House in Livermore to see "The Budapest Hotel" and Saturday I hit up the Donut Wheel to devour that amazing cherry cake donut. I also took Ziggy to a dog park where she ventured out into the water and I even empathetically ate lots of pasta since Emma and Michelle had to run a half marathon Sunday morning.
I cheered them on at the Oakland Running Festival with some homemade signs and chowed down on an amazing burger while admiring a lovely milkshake sign at TrueBurger. Eventually I went running to try to make up for all the undeserved carb loading/post-race munchies and might've inflicted some mild heat exhaustion on my poor sausage pup, but overall it was a super solid weekend. Life is good, my friends.


  1. that milkshake poster is spot on. so awesome.

  2. My husband and his sister grew up in Livermore and said that Donut Wheel was the "hot place to be" since it was the only place in town that was open 24/7! My oh my how the times have changed!! And I was just at the Castro Theater a couple of weeks ago for the first time and LOVED it! Thinking back, I was surprised that I had never been since I went to SFSU!

  3. What a fun weekend with all the girl lovin'. Now come to Portland and I'll show you some really inappropriate things!

  4. I was wondering about those doughnuts, I thought the one looked a little "inappropriately" shaped ha ha! That's hilarious! Sounds like you've had an awesome week and weekend!! That milkshake poster is great :D


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