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One of the first and most inspiring bloggers I ever discovered (&Kathleen) describes her style as sexy post-apocalypse - boho, stylish, badass and practical for fighting off zombies when necessary. Even though I know I wouldn't last more than 5 minutes in post-apocalyptic circumstances (I'd pass out at the first sight of blood and then I'd be donezo), I liked the idea of reflecting a part of my personality in my wardrobe. I'd like to think that my everyday garb allows me to take off on an adventure as soon as the wild calls (maybe that's why I never wear heels).

If Kathleen's a post-apocalyptic badass, I'm a free-spirited adventurer, and that's why when Gipsy Dharma decided to sponsor the blog, I was very excited. This women's footwear site has amazing hand-crafted lace-up boots made from real, soft leather in tons of different colors and styles. They're the perfect combination of comfort and beauty, and they're completely adventure-ready. Seriously, though, I need a pair in every color. Be sure to check out the catalog to see all the different styles (there are even some flip flops and leather skirts).

"The world is a magnificent place ready to be explored and there is no better feeling than setting off on your incredible journey in great comfort and unique style. As a result, our footwear is designed for people who are constantly on the move through life, and our philosophy is simply about beautifying and perhaps even encouraging your inspirational journey. So live wildly, let your free spirit roam the beautiful Earth in our handmade leather boots and unique clothing range, made especially with you in mind."


  1. I just read another post on gypsy dharma on a different blog - apparently this chic shop is hot stuff! the boots are adorable. thanks for sharing
    - Raspy Wit

  2. I love love love those boots!


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