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California dreaming

I just booked my flight for LA at the end of April. I've only ever driven through or flew out of LA, so I'm super excited to explore and pretend to be a SoCal girl for a few days. I've already started daydreaming about the quirky swimsuits, cutoffs and hippie jewels  I'll be wearing so I went ahead and made a collage of them.

Am I stereotyping here? I don't even care. In my mind SoCal is all about sun, turquoise and wavy hair and that's exactly how I intend to dress. Oh, and that sunscreen is awesome. It's light, non-greasy and it smoothes out the skin much like a foundation primer. I highly recommend it.

Have you been to LA? Any places I can't miss?

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  1. Even if that's not the LA look, you're going to make it be!

  2. oh hey fun one piece. bold move and i like it!

  3. I love L'oreal sunscreens and that ring is so pretty!

  4. being from socal, i would say your style will fit in perfectly!! actually i love all the items you posted. hope you enjoy your trip out here

  5. Stereotypes or not, I think this is super cute. I will be stowing away in your bag :)

  6. love those shoes! new reader here! i lived in la for a while.... but.... i don't remember the names of the places i frequented because it was so long ago!


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