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On crying

Do I look like I'm crying? Spoiler: I'm not.

For those who don't know me IRL, I'm a cryer. Kristen Bell and I have that in common. If I'm not between a 3 and 7 on the emotional scale, bring on the tissues (or toilet paper because Kristen and I don't have money in common), but lately I've been crying over weird stuff, even for me**. 

Let me give you some examples of things that have made me cry in the past few days: 

The way the author chose to describe blueberries bursting in pancake batter, the smell of bread wafting through the house and the feeling in the pit of your stomach right before you see someone you're madly in love with get off of a plane in "The Weird Sisters." This book is amazing. Obviously.

"All Who Remain" by Beware of Darkness and "Another Love" by Tom Odell. These are both pretty sad songs so I guess it makes sense, but I included them anyway because you should love with them with me.

The photos in Brooke's post right here. I don't know when beaches and lovely weekends became worthy of a cry sesh, but whatevs.

The fact that every time I start crying (even silently) Ziggy freaks out and jumps all over me. This is slightly inconvenient because she's 50 pounds of pure sympathy, but it's too adorable. Tears. 

This wonderful post by Jessi. Follow her. She's awesome.

The realization that one of my three W-2s is probably in a dumpster somewhere. Ah, the frustration cry. It's not unlike when you're a child and you're too short to reach the lollipop on the counter so your face turns bright red and you cry until an adult helps you, except it doesn't have the same result when you're 24.

The budding romance between Leslie Knope and Ben Wyatt. It's like Pam and Jim all over again. Every awkward convo gets me all misty eyed. 

And many more I either can't think of or refuse to admit to.

What weird things have made you cry lately? 

**No, I'm not PMSing and no, I'm not pregnant. The end.


  1. I cried at the opening theme song of West Wing last night. What prizes do we win?

  2. lol, I'm around so many preggo friends these days that this seems totally normal. Until you mentioned you weren't pregnant. :p Oh well, January seems conducive to lots of crying. Cry on!

  3. I am the total opposite! I hate crying. I'm trying on wedding dresses in a couple weeks, and my biggest fear is I might cry in front of people. But a lot of my friends and family members are big time cryers. They are huge emotion expressers and I love them for it!

  4. No more cry, dear! I'm 36 hours cry-free and it feels amazing after crying for like, 2 weeks straight. I don't know if I'm ready to check out your songs yet but I will in the comfort of my own home. You're the sweetest. <3

  5. Leslie and Ben forever... i got happy tears in my eyes yesterday when i watched the episode where they finally have their first kiss. i think it's this becoming a grownup and really knowing what life is thing. it puts everything into perspective, i am becoming a crier and i used to NEVER cry. the feels are real these days. i think i am becoming my grandma. she cries at EVERYTHING


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