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I made another video..

Here's a goofy video of me putting my disguise on before shooting selfies. What is my life? Whatever. Here are some disclaimers: my voice doesn't always sound like that, turns out I have an obnoxious cold so I'll be dealing with that for the weekend; I don't always shimmy that much, but that's probably a lie; try not to be intimidated by my massive guns; and yes, I do say "like" that often so feel free to judge away--I certainly do. Also, I don't understand YouTube at all. Someone please explain to me why I have three different channels/pages/things and why I cannot escape Google+ no matter how hard I try. Lastly, if you like these awkward moving pictures I've been creating please "thumbs up," "subscribe," comment with how lame I am, whatever it is you're supposed to do on YouTube channels. Thank you and happy Friday, friends!


  1. i should have been live blogging this video - 1) i have the same moisturizer 2) and the same concealer 3) i have a huge burn scar on my forearm from my curling wand 4) oh i have the same dry shampoo too! 5) showers are so annoying 6) move to portland already 7) stop being so cute.

    1. oh i forgot one 8) big fan of the short hair on you :)

  2. And I have the elf .99 brush because I'm also cheap like that! Agree with Brooke's #6!!!!!


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