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Beginner’s Guide: Types of Wine

The lovely Rachel of RachMarie PR is here today to teach us newbs a thing or two about wine. Perhaps this will help me avoid the whole downing a 6-dollar bottle and being hung over for the rest of my life? Probably not. Take it away, lady!

Wine needn’t be expensive or intimidating―some basic knowledge and a corkscrew are all you need to enjoy a bottle of your favorite wine. First, you will need to decide what you like. Red or white? Sweet or dry? Start experimenting. This will take some time – but it will be fun! If you don’t want to hit your pocketbook too hard, attend wine tastings! You will learn something more of what you do and don’t like and have a great time with the girls or a loved one. 

Know Your Whites: 
Chardonnay – the wine’s fruity flavors can vary from apple and lime to tropical fruits. When it is barreled in oak, it becomes richer and honey and butter flavors are prominent. 
Riesling – usually very sweet; with fruity flavors like apple, lime and pear. 
Pinot Gris – Simple, light-bodied, dry and crisp. 
Sauvignon Blanc – dry, tart and acidic with herbal and tropical fruit flavors. 
Moscato – Fruity and often sweet. 

Know Your Reds: 
Cabernet Sauvignon – full-bodied with herbal and rich flavors. 
Merlot – Fruity and spicy. 
Pinot Noir- Fresh with fruity aromas. 
Zinfandel – a zesty wine ranging from medium to full-bodied and dry to off-dry.


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  1. i once met a man who referred to himself as a "cork dork" and i immediately died and went to heaven.

  2. Thank you so much for this opportunity! Love collaborating with you and hope to again in the near future!!

    And, "cork dork!?" I love it!!! xo


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