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Remember doppelgangers..?

We as humans don't like to accept the fact that most of us have similar features to other humans and being of the same species and all, we're bound to resemble each other every once in a while. This logic matters not. Every new person I meet is immediately scanned through the contacts list in my brain mixing and matching nose size, eye shape, jaw structure with every other face that's ever stood out to me in the past. This is especially true when we're comparing strangers to celebrities. It's not quite the same with other types of animals. I mean sure, every St. Bernard I see is Beethoven and clown fish are always Nemo, but it's not nearly as strange that two dogs should look alike as it is for two humans, especially when one of them happens to be famous in some way or another. 

Anyway, the other day (which, fair warning, could mean a week ago or two years ago--it's a catch-all term for me) I was discussing this phenom with a certain dude who gets compared to movie stars on the reg and I started whining about how nobody ever thinks I look like famous people. It's usually just, 
You look just like my 15-year-old cousin" or "our really weird friend," but I thought really hard and remembered the few and far between celeb comparisons I've gotten from others over the past few years. Then I wrote them down as if you care. Whatever. Here they are.

Kate from Lost
I realize this actress probably has a real name, but this is how the talented chef at Moe's described her and this is what I typed into Google immediately afterward since I've never even seen an episode. I certainly do not hate this comparison.
I had never heard of this little lady until one of you lovely commenters told me I resembled a YouTuber with this handle. Her videos are adorbz and she has like 5.857 bajillion subscribers/followers and, I mean she is only 17, so it makes sense. Also, what am I doing with my life?!
Lana Del Rey
I don't see it at all, but I've actually heard this one multiple times now and each time it makes me happier than it did the last. Oh, Lana, I'll drink Diet Mountain Dew with you any day.
Electra Formosa
Again, I had no idea who this was until a particularly articulate Instagrammer left this comment on a photo of me: "isn't dis d chick on style it on dsny" -- after some investigating my coworkers and I decided this was in reference to Electra. But there's really no way of knowing.
JayKay. If someone told me I looked like Shak I'd laugh in their face.. after kissing them passionately on the mouth, of course.

Do you see the resemblance with any of these ladies? What celebs do people say you look like? Was this just a clever way of sneaking selfies into my post even though I didn't do a 'What I Wore' post? I have questions, you have answers. Leave them in the comments. Happy Hump Day!


  1. Oh Shakira... so gorgeous! :) Evangeline Lily (Kate) is so beautiful as well.. I can see the resemblance in the picture. Plus she's so fierce in the Hobbit. :) -Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  2. Wow, I never noticed the Evangeline Lily or Lana resemblance, but now I totally do! They're a couple of the most gorgeous women around, so you're in good company :) I get Anne Hathaway, Kate Winslet and ESPECIALLY Emmy Rossum. But I think I'm happier that my fiance gets Joseph Gordon-Levitt quite often..


  3. I have always thought you looked like Arden Rose from youtube!

    Xo, Kelsey

  4. confession, i love Arden. like it probs should be embarrassing because i am like 10 years older than her (ok not quite, but still!) but she is too dang cute and i don't know how she can afford all the crap.

  5. you def look like the lil youtuber. but that's a major compliment, cos she's gorge (as are you!)

  6. I've never been told I look like a celebrity, I guess thats a good thing? Ha! You definitely look similar to these celebs!



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