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I chopped my hair off

Finally, after spending way too much time trying to cover up the oh-so-dead blonde bits at the ends of my hair, I chopped them off. As much as I loved having long hair again, it had to happen. And since I was on a get-shiz-done kind of a roll, I also got my headlight changed, went on an interview, ordered a new pair of boots, finished season one of Community, finished "State of Wonder" and rang in the new year with some froyo and my sausage dog all while battling an SOB of a cold. This cold has been especially annoying because today launches the Love Your Body Series by Tone It Up and I fully intended to start today but even sitting up too quickly hurts my sinuses and the awkward angle of getting my hair washed by the stylist sent me into a raging cough fest, which I imagine was even more unenjoyable for her than it was for me. As soon as I'm well, though, I'm doing it up. I'm talking 150 miles by Valentine's Day, some type of cardio every day, mostly paleo eating, tons of water and strength training with those crazy hot and adorable ladies (who have a new show on Bravo starting tonight.. Any Bay Area ladies with cable want to invite me over? Just checking.) And of course obnoxious sweaty selfies as per usual on Instagram (@mackensieg), so if you're also participating, let me know so we can do this thing together. And to finish off this rando post...

My super cute NYE date.


  1. Love the hair! excellent choice!

  2. Cute haircut! Your dog is adorable btw, best new year's date for sure :)

  3. you were very productive! my brain decided to end 2013 doing as little as possible, and start off strong in the new year. but I woke yesterday with a COLD too, and I'm pretending the airborne I'm drinking is my morning coffee ... // love your haircut. feel better!! and HAPPY NEW YEAR :) xo - chels @ LLinaBC.com

  4. love, love, love, love your hair! oh and did i mention i love you hair. also interview?! yay!

  5. I love your new hair cut, so cute!!

  6. your hair cut is so cute!!! you look gorgeous with short hair :)

  7. Get better and kick some ass, dear!

  8. That hair is gorgeous!
    And I totally understand being incapacitated by sinus infections... smh.

  9. I love the hair! You look so good!


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