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Weird & Awesome Christmas Gifts

One of the best thing about being a blogger is that even when you're poor (and I mean really poor) you can still create gift guides and pretend like you're going to buy Christmas presents for your friends and family (provided the internet bill doesn't draft from your account in the time it takes to compile said "gifts" into a pretty collage, of course). It doesn't stop at gift guides either, you can also pretend like you could potentially wear even a fraction of all the adorbz outfits Pinned each day even though it'll never happen. Until you get offered a book deal based on all the ridiculous things you brain spew onto your blog every day anyway. So check it: One to Nothin's Quirky Gift Guide (provided everyone on your list loves the things I love).

1. Ebay Holiday Collective -- Adorable USB/charger bracelets. Seriously, what better gift is there for bloggers? These bad boys were designed by Mara Hoffman, Michael Bastian, Milly, Rachel Zoe, Shipley & Halmos exclusively for ebay, so in other words they're cute and convenient. Even if you're not a blogger-- I know I can't be the only one who's ever borrowed a bartender's phone charger at the risk of letting him text my friends while getting my drank on. This is better.

2. Mixtape Glasses -- We have discussed on multiple occasions my obsession with mixtapes, so the idea of drinking out of one makes me happy. Also any time I can doodle on my beverage is a good time. 

3. Bootie Babe Nail Polish -- These nail polishes are highly inappropriate and therefore I love them. The holiday collection is here and the colors have names like, "Goldie Juan," "Crack A Toe Uh" and "Bronzie Fonzie," however in honor of my NorCal residence, my fave is "Hella Hiney."

4. I Wore Yoga Pants -- A lot of graphic tees are hit or miss (emphasis on the 'miss') but Whitney of IWYP is a genius and therefore her new limited edition t-shirts are hit after bloggie hit. So far she has sold "Blog So Hard" and "#OOTD" shirts as well as some baller koozies to go along with them (super jealous I missed out on those). Check out the deets here

5. Forget Me Knot by Keil Mead -- Once upon a time a friend said something along the lines of how I seem to buy on-trend items that are just a little different (read: weirder) than everyone else's. I took this as a major compliment and I think this is why I love this ring. It's delicate and pretty like the bow jewelry I see all over the place, but it's actually a knot that looks like string--like tying a string on your finger so you don't forget something. So damn clever. 

6. Crescent Gold Plated Ear Cuff by Maria Black -- Much like #5, this earring cuff is delicate and pretty but also crazy unique and a little edgy. I think jewelry/piercings/clothing items that make you do a double take are the best kinds. 

7. SunniChic's Dinosaur Planters -- Can you tell I'm vibing on this gold thing? How adorable are these dinosaur planters on Etsy? The only thing better than giving someone flowers is placing them in a gold dinosaur first. Try to argue with that logic, I dare you. There are all different colors and types of dinos available and they're only $12 each.

8. Grammar Grumble Mugs -- Okay, this has quickly become more of a "Kensie Wish List" rather than a gift guide, but whatever. If you know any grammar freaks like myself, these mugs would be the ultimate gift. "I am figuratively dying for a cuppa." Amazing.

What kinds of gifts are you guys buying this year? 


  1. Those grammar coffee mugs are beyond perfect.

  2. i am with Sarah. NEED THOSE MUGS. ALL OF THEM.

  3. What a great list! I'm loving the nail polish and the Dino plant holder! By far the greatest on the list was Whitney's shirt. I got the first one and wore it four days in a row. I'm not into the OOTD so I can't wait for next month's shirt.

  4. Those nail polishes are so hilarious!!

  5. Shoot Dino Planter! probably a DIY too!

  6. I love love love the coffee mugs! Nothing irks me more than bad grammar! Especially the easy things like "their" and "they're".


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